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GMHD: Geomicrobial Hydrocarbon Detection

GMHD is a new generation of hydrocarbon detection technology. It is widely applied to predict the occurrence and distribution of oil & gas accumulations at greater depth by detecting indicator microbes in surface soil or offshore sediment samples.

◆ Technical Principle

◆ Eliminate Invalid Traps

GMHD is a highly reliable and cost-effective tool to high-grade leads and prospects, identify and eliminate invalid (no HC charged) traps, optimize the selection of the drilling location, improve drilling success rate and reduce exploration risk.

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AE&E has so far provided GMHD services for more than ten clients domestic and overseas, completed 97 projects both onshore and offshore, predicted 72 well sites and achieved 80%+ prediction success rate.

◆ Mitigate CO2 Risk

Hydrocarbon and CO2 coexist in deep water structural traps. They both show anomalies in AVO detection, so it is difficult to distinguish them by AVO. GMHD has a unique way to differentiate HC and CO2 and provide a solution to mitigate the risk of CO2.

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● Microbial value tends to decrease with increasing CO2 content.

● With 2-3% of the drilling cost, GMHD could help the clients to mitigate CO2 risk and solve this difficult problem in oil and gas exploration.