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HSSE Commitments

AE&E Company always believes the world's most important resources are people themselves and the natural environment people rely on for existence. It is one of the key tasks of the Company to protect the environment, people's health and safety as well as the property of its staff. To create a harmony between energy and the environment, the Company makes the following commitments:

● Abiding by laws and regulations and respecting local customs and habits.

● Cooperating on the basis of the win-win principle to contribute to economic development.

● Giving priority to prevention and pursuing accident-injury-pollution free objectives.

● Protecting the  environment, promoting clean production and devoting ourselves to sustainable development.

● Optimizing the allocation of health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) resources and improving the HSSE management continuously;

● The top executive at every level is the one primarily responsible for HSSE at the corresponding  level. The HSSE performance is an important reference for staff members'  rewards, discipline and employment, as well as for awarding contracts.

● Establishing and maintaining a HSSE culture and carrying out HSSE training.

● Communicating with the public and making the Company HSSE performance popular.

All staff members, employees, suppliers and contractors of the Company are duty-bound to uphold the health, safety, security and environment commitments made by the Company.

HSSE Management Concept

 ● Visible leadership, line responsibility, regional management.

 ● All accidents can be controlled and avoided.

 ● HSSE is based on sense of responsibility, design, quality and prevention.

 ● Achieving the harmony between energy development and ecological environment.