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Advanced Energy & Environmental Technologies, Inc. (AE&E), headquartered in Beijing, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in using surface geo-microbial technology for Oil and Gas exploration. AE&E provides a full suite of technical services for petroleum exploration, production and environmental protection. Geo-microbial technologies are based on Geo-microbiology, a newly developed cross-discipline in late 20th century. Geo-microbial technologies have demonstrated broad application prospects in conventional and non-conventional petroleum exploration, production, in-situ coal bio-gasification, CO2 geo-bio sequestration, underground renewable energy production and environmental governance. The emerging Geo-Biotechnology industry has the full potential to quickly develop into a new strategic industry globally.

 As a pioneer to open China’s geo-biotechnology service market, AE&E has launched nearly 100 survey projects both on- and offshore and has gained increasing industry recognition and approval. Microbial exploration services have been incorporated in several State-level Petroleum Survey projects, such as “National Oil & Gas Geochemical Mapping Project”, “National Offshore Resource Protection Project”, “National Gas Hydrate Exploration 127 Project” and “CNOOC 12th 5-Year Plan Pilot Project”.

AE&E has a strong and diversified team. Core management team consists of world-renowned petroleum experts and microbiologists as well as professional managers trained in US top business schools. AE&E’s R&D and technical team specializes in geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geo-microbiology, environmental engineering and reservoir engineering. 60%+ of the staff holds advanced degrees of masters and PhD's.  

AE&E has established long-term strategic partnerships with top geo-microbiology research institutes and corporations globally. AE&E possesses series of patented/proprietary geo-microbial technologies. AE&E senior consultants include academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, State Council consultants, former Chief Engineers and Chief Geologists of central government geosciences bureau, energy bureau and major national oil companies as well as a former Chief Geoscientist of a leading global IOC.   

In recent years, AE&E has been awarded as “the State Thousand Talent Program Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Top 10 Overseas Returnee Start-up Company of Beijing”, “Gazelle (high growth program) Enterprise of Beijing”, “Post-Doctorate Enterprise Practice Base of Beijing” and “ISO9001 Certified Enterprise”.